Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July!

Happy Canada Day (2)

Happy Canada Day!


Happy upcoming Independence Day! 

I’ve been a bit scarce blogging lately. It’s a busy time in the Carlton household these days. Lots of changes going on. But I just wanted to drop by to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. 🎆🍁🥂 and to my American friends, a Happy 4th! I hope you enjoy your day. I know it’s going to be a watered-down version of our usual celebrations, but that’s 2020 for you. Nothing is as it should be. Nevertheless, I hope you have an awesome day. Please take care. Stay safe and well, my friends.
In honor of the occasion, I’ve posted the first couple of chapters from one of my favorite stories, Lost Time, over on the original Pick a Genre Already if you’d like to have a read. A Canadian girl ventures to the UK.
Hannah Keys thinks she’s setting off on the trip of her dreams—a month in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland—but after one mishap after another—beginning with her best friend abandoning her in the airport and ending with the man of her dreams dead—she’s renaming it the vacation from hell!

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